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Music Cruise. The Journey of Claudio Monteverdi (1-2 June)

Monteverdi Festival embarks on a new music cruise on the Po River, tracing the steps of Monteverdi’s life and connecting his beloved towns, Cremona, Mantua and Venice. This time, we will reach Venice, via the Brenta River, that Venetians consider an extension of the Grand Canal. We will enjoy a luxury trip loved by Venetian nobility and by many artists. Concerts on the deck and at the berth, on a cruise to repeat Monteverdi’s journey, but also to enjoy dazzling landscapes rich of culture, history and art, and to discover the beautiful Villa Pisani. 

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Friday 1st June 

ore 9.00 – Departure from Cremona on the Stradivari Boat (it is foreseen a transfer from Cremona (Porta Venezia) to the departure)

ore 11.00 – Concert on the deck - Motonave Stradivari
Musiche di G.F Händel, G.B. Pergolesi, G.B. Sammartini, A. Vivaldi
Gianfranco Ricci, violino concertatore 

The programme magnifies the extreme features of Baroque instrumentalism, from Händel to Vivaldi, and goes towards the classical and crystalline shores of Pergolesi and Sammartini. On the placid flow of the Po river, the chamber ensemble of La Barocca engages virtuoso-playing and charm, in an explosion of energy and dynamic contrasts.

– Lunch on board

– Stop in Casalmaggiore and Bust transfer to Sacchetta. Boarding on the Andes 2000. Sailing on Po River and on Mincio River, passing by Andes (Virgil’s birthplace) and the Vallazza. Wonderful view of willow trees and water lilies.

– Arrival in Mantua close to Palazzo Ducale.

ore 19.00 – Palazzo Ducale (Sala di Manto), Mantova
Musiche di C. Monteverdi

In collaboration with





Michael Berman, direttore
In the splendid setting of Palazzo Ducale, where Monteverdi’s aura is still in the air, the elegant British group Vox Musica performs an intriguing concert entirely dedicated to some of his most famous pieces, both sacred and secular. 

– Free evening and transfer to the hotel

Saturday 2nd June

ore 8.30 – Bus transfer from Mantua to Villa Pisani, in the village of Stra (VE) 

ore 10.00 - Arrival at Villa Pisani and guided tour. Villa Pisani, known as Brenta’s Versailles, is one of the most imposing buildings  of the Brenta region, with Tiepolo’s frescoes and surrounded by a beautiful park.   

ore 11.45 - Boarding on Delta Tour Boat. Cocktail during the Sailing on the Brenta River. Arrival in Dolo and guided tour to the old mills.

ore 12.30 -  Lunch on board (traditional Venetian fish menu)

ore 17.00 – Arrival in Venice, Zattere and transfer on foot to the Church of S. Rocco, venue of the concert.   

ore 18.30 – Chiesa S. Rocco, Venezia
Musiche di C. Monteverdi e Salomone Rossi
Antonio Grecomaestro concertatore

When Monteverdi arrived at the Gonzaga court in Mantua, instrumental music had a crucial role at court and was dominated by  various musicians, among which Salomone Rossi, important member of the Jewish community. Monteverdi and Rossi were colleagues and their style and language were mutually influenced. Antonio Greco and his ensemble finely draw together some sonatas drawn from Rossi’s Quarto Libro to famous pieces from Monteverdi’s  Selva  morale e spirituale

At the end of the concert, guided tour of the Scuola Grande di S. Rocco

ore 21.45 – Transfer from Tronchetto to Cremona (due arrival in the late evening).

€ 390,00 

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