Claudio Monteverdi Festival - Teatro Amilcare Ponchielli Cremona

Monteverdi OFF Cremona, 22 - 24 settembre 2020

This year, the Monteverdi Festival did non take place as it usually does in May… for a few months we surfed online with many exciting activities: the Monteverdi Quiz, Radio Monteverdi, a beautiful comics and above all the Monteverdi Alphabet dedicated to the Cremonese composer. We stayed in touch with our audience, creating a cultural resiliency during these difficult times when all the live performances were suspended. 

We will start again, right from the Monteverdi Alphabet, beginning with the ABC, building a world of sounds, words and images for Monteverdi. In Italy, during the 17th century there were great musical and scientific revolutions, but also important historical and economic changes. It was the time of the plague striking many towns in 1630 but also the time for innovation and cultural rebirth, as Monteverdi’s Orfeo exemplarily shows. 

From September onwards, Cremona will start over with many musical events intertwined, involving the many cultural institutions in town: Ponchielli Theatre, Museum of the Violin, Conservatoire, Cremona Fiere, with: Monteverdi OFF (22-24 September), Mondo Musica (25-27 September), and Festival Stradivari (2-18 October).

On 22-24 September, Monteverdi OFF will feature 6 concerts focusing on the first decades of the 17th century when Claudio Monteverdi was at the peak of his career and inspiration. Italian Chamber music concerts performed by Cremonese artists, sacred and secular, but also jazzy and crossover, twice a day (at 6.00 and 9.00 pm). 

The Monteverdi OFF starts on a small scale, but not at all subdued. Let us listen to rare music, crossover arrangements, in a close-up intimate dimension. We will appreciate the nuances of a performance, the facial expressions of a musician, the detailed carving of an instrument. We will finally return to live music, meet again people (though respecting the social distancing) and greet the artists.

Let us start over from the ABC, taking small steps. 


Ticket price: € 8,00 - tickets available from 7th September 

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